Day 13: Girly accessories

Go and say HELLO to my friend, Melissa, owner of Forbidden Fruit Bowtique!  She has recently created a fan page for herself and offers girly accessories for girls of any age!  Melissa is giving away two Hello Kitty flower clips, in Christmas and Thanksgiving themes!  Aren’t they cute?!  She also makes some cute Angry Birds themed clips!  Help her get her new page going by “liking” her on Facebook, and be sure to let her know her work is great!

To Enter:

-”Like” Forbidden Fruit Bowtique on Facebook

-”Like” ME on Facebook (see top right corner of this page for the link)

-Leave a comment telling me your favorite sport (to play or watch)!

*US residents only.  Contest ends at 11pm central time. will be used to choose the winner.  Winner will be notified by e-mail.


About Renee K

I am a crafty, working, mom of three seeking to spread joy in all I make!

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  1. Baseball to play

  2. College football to watch!!!

  3. Football! Go Bears! 🙂

  4. volleyball >to play

  5. dance (to participate in and watch)

  6. Football to watch on tv, baseball to watch in person. The crowd’s excitement is contagious!!

  7. Sheila Schoenauer

    I like watching football with my husband.. even if I don’t always pay attention.

  8. t-ball…when my kids are playing 🙂

  9. Dont really have a favorite but football is #1 around my house 🙂

  10. I love watching both football and basketball….da bulls and da bears!

  11. baseball when my daughter is playing:)

  12. hmmm i suck at sports but if you count Olympic Ice Skating, I love watching that.

  13. I dont care to watch or play sports.. but me and my daughter are always dancing around the house if that counts..

  14. I like to watch Beer Pong, thats a sport right? lol If not then little kids soccer.

  15. My daughter plays softball so i guess that would be my fav.!

  16. I like to watch baseball…in person or on TV…

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