Day 19: A Gift From Me!!

Some of you may already know, but September 10th was the official ONE YEAR mark for For the Love of Scarves.  Today is special because it is MY birthday!  I’m celebrating #29…again!!

Ok, here’s the truth.  I’m really…ahem…cough…30!  In honor of my birthday, I’m taking the day off!  Those who know me, know I crochet every day of the week, with the exception of illness.  I’m ready for a break!

Your giveaway for today comes from me!  I’m offering one lucky winner an earflap hat in any color, in any size!!  The only condition is that you go easy on me and give me some time to make this.  I’m going to have to SQUEEZE it in between my regular orders, so I hope you’ll understand!

To Enter:

-”Like” ME on Facebook (see top right corner of this page for the link)

– Leave a comment telling me a favorite birthday gift of yours from any time in your life!  (One of my favorite birthday gifts as a child was a white boombox…along with that boombox I got my first Paula Abdul cassette, haha!)

*US residents only.  Contest ends at 11pm central time. will be used to choose the winner.  Winner will be notified by e-mail.


About Renee K

I am a crafty, working, mom of three seeking to spread joy in all I make!

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  1. My favorite birthday gift was when we took a family vacation to Clearwater/Orlando, FL.

  2. Stephanie Franchini Osberg

    Happy Birthday, Renee!!
    Let’s see… One of my favorite gifts had to be a certain bike. It was Huffy’s “Sweet Sixteen” bike, and it was pink and purple. I really thought it was THE coolest thing ever! Haha

  3. Happy Birthday Renee! My favorite birthday present has been probably just being with my entire family honestly.

  4. My favorite birthday gift was actually given to me this year. My great uncle passed away in April and we had his estate auction in July. My dad bought for my birthday a bosal that was hand braided by my great uncle. I’ve wanted one for a couple years and this one is even better because of where it came from. It’s is something I will own for the rest of my life and will be passed on to my kids.

  5. One of my favorite birthday gifts was a home made doll my grandma made for me! I love all your work!

  6. ♪♫♪ happy Birthday ♪♫♫ my favorite birthday girt was a Kodak disk camera I might of been 10 when I got it but I sure did love to take pictures even then 🙂

  7. My favorite birthday gift was anything from my kids. :)]

  8. Happy Birthday Rennee! My favorite birthday gift is the barbie house my uncle built for my 6th birthday. Or my kindle I got last year…that’s pretty great too! 🙂

  9. Happy birthday! My favorite gift was a family camping trip for the weekend!! Great fun together. 😀

  10. Hope your Birthday is Great!! My fav. gift was this past birthday in may.. My parents bought a water globe for my daughter to give to me!! It got a slot in the bottom to put a picture in it and they put one of me and my daughter in it

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE! 😀 I hope you have a most fabulous day! 😀
    Hmmm…welll one of my most favorite recent b-day gifts was being given an extremely generous b-day gift of a a Kindle. It was a shock and quite a fabulous surprise! 🙂
    Again I wish you a most happy birthday and best wishes for a bright and beautiful day!
    ~Mippy 🙂

  12. I got a bend wood rocker for my 12th birthday, it was all I wanted. To this day I am not sure why a 12 year old wanted a bent wood rocker but I rocked all of my kids to sleep in it when they were babies and I still have it 30 years later.

  13. Melissa Strickler

    Happy, happy birthday!! I can definitely say that my favorite birthday gift was from my wonderful Husband ❤ On my birthday this year he took me away, out for dinner and then to a over night get-away! It was the first time since we had kids! And our oldest just turned 14!! LOL But it was such a blessing, and the BEST gift ever!! 🙂

  14. Happy birthday!! I have to say my favorite birthday gift was the necklace my hubby got me for my 16th birthday! Who would have thought that we would still be together almost 9 years later, happily married and raising 3 month old boy/girl twins!

  15. Happy Birthday!! My favorite birthday gift of all was 6 yrs. ago for my 50th.. My Mom gave me my Gramma’s engagement ring.. I wear it everyday and it keeps my Gramma close to me!!

  16. Happy Birthday! My favorite Birthday was when my Sister FINALLY got the call that she could go get the little boy they had been trying to adopt for over a year!

  17. My favorite birthday gift was walking into McDonald’s to a suprise party with all my friends. I think that’s when I developed my love of THROWING suprise parties!!
    Hope you have a great day off!!

  18. Happy Birthday!! I always have a great Birthday because my sister-in-law/best friend and I have the same Birthday!

  19. My favortie bday gift was my teddy bear I recieved for my 1st birthday from my Grandma. 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday Renee!
    My favorite bday gift? Well my bday is valentines day and my hubby proposed on that day!

  21. Happy Birthday Renee! My favorite birthday present was…not really sure:/ Just knowing that i have people who care is good enough for me:) always had my choice of birthday dinner with the family which was always great!

  22. Happy Birthday!!!! Probably my “Bubby” bear I got when I was born. That’s a birthday gift isn’t it? Have a super day off!

  23. Best birthday gift ever I turned 21 and got to go to Hawaii with my mom and her good friend and my best friend!

  24. My favorite birthday gift was from my husband two years ago- a small gold turtle necklace. We call (our then infant son) turtle. It was sweet and even more so because the only year I didn’t have to give ideas!

  25. Sheila Schoenauer

    Happy Birthday! I’d have to say my favorite birthday gift was a few years ago. My husband was actually not deployed for my birthday so he surprised me by making a wonderful dinner and he got some small slices of cheese cake for all of us to share.

  26. Happy birthday! My favorite birthday gift was when I was in the 5th grade – got the Lion King soundtrack cassette tape!! 🙂

  27. Happy Birthday Renee! And hmmmm… My favorite Birthday present was a little pink bike with frills on the handlebars. (:

  28. Happy birthday!

    My favorite gift was 3 years ago, I was 7 months pregnant with #2 & had mentioned once to my husband how I wanted a pregnancy massage & spa pedicure when I was pregnant with my first but we couldn’t afford it at te time so I had dropped it. He surprised me with one full day of spa treatment and it was pure heaven!

  29. My favorite bday present was last year, i found out i was pregnant on my birthday ❤

  30. my favorite birthday present would probably be the party i had for my sweet 16, an afternoon at the nursing home with my Gama before she died. We made cheesy xmas cards and ate pizza. It was great to have her with me.

  31. The best birthday gift I have received is finding out I was pregnant.

  32. My fave gift was like yours Renee, my first boombox but it came with a Tiffany cassette tape! lol Or my first pair of real diamond earrings ❤

  33. My favorite gift is when my kids sing Happy Birthday to me .. and Breakfast in bed:)

  34. Happy Birthday Renee :o) I would have to say my favorite birthday gift was given to me the day I was born. My grandma gave me a stuffed pink monkey. I still have it to this day and I can’t sleep without him…When I was in 8th he adopted the name Mr. Morgan after my science teacher that I was currently crushing on. LOL
    My daughter keeps asking me when I am handing the monkey down to her…I honestly don’t think I can LOL. He is missing an eye, arm, and one of his ears are all torn up lol.

    My favorite present has always been from my mom. Every year growing up we either got balloons or flowers. It was something so special to me..

  36. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Hmm best bday gift would be the huge spa/salon day hubby got me: massage,haircut ,manicure,pedicure that was
    Take all the time you need it doesn’t even get cold down here until December/January!

  37. My favorite birthday present I got last year. My husband took our three kids out for breakfast and let me sleep in!

  38. My favorite birthday gift was spending a fantastic full filled day with my family! Happy birthday Ranee! Oh, and I also loved my first iPod I received one year. Hope you have a blessed day!

  39. My favorite birthday gift of all time was when my boyfriend (now husband) got me butterfly hair clips. I remember being so surprised that he remembered 🙂 That was over 12 years ago and I have gotten many incredible gifts since then but those hair clips were the most memorable.

  40. My favorite gift was my Singer sewing machine my parents got me!!! I LOVE it and was so thrilled they got it for me!!!

  41. My favorite birthday gift I received almost 4 years ago and that was my daughter I consider it a present since she was born 3 days before my birthday 🙂 happy birthday again and here’s to getting old when dud this happen to us

  42. My favorite present was my pink huffy bike when I was little.

  43. My favorite birthday present was the year my girls (with help from my mom) got me my charm bracelet from James Avery. They spent forever going over every charm that had anything to do with mom’s or little girls until they found the right ones!

  44. Happy Birthday! My favorite gift was from my now husband; a beautiful brown leather watch that I had oogled a YEAR before! Now thats dedication!

  45. Michelle Campbell

    Happy Birthday!!!! my favorite birthday was breakfast in bed when i turned 30!!!

  46. Happy Birthday! My favorite gift was waking up to my amazing hubby and kids cooking me breakfast in bed then singing to me and taking me to the zoo and to dinner!

  47. chastity marquez

    Oh one of my favs I would have to say is my rainbow brite doll 🙂

  48. chose #4 tonight! I can hardly believe there were 47 entries, YES!!!

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