Knitting with a Crochet Hook

I was recently given this kit called The Knook.  I have only ever crocheted, so the idea of learning to knit with a crochet hook (something I was already comfortable with) was really interesting to me.  I decided to sit down yesterday and get to work on a washcloth–something small so I could get the hang of this Knook.

It was a bit strange at first–not much like the crochet I was already accustomed to and also because you’re still only using one tool instead of the typical two.  New vocabulary and techniques were a challenge, but I picked it up quickly enough.

In the time it took me to make one average sized washcloth, I could have crocheted at least TEN!  I finished it and I know of at least three mistakes (there’s probably a few more!), but I’m happy with it!  I think I prefer to crochet because it works up much quicker and is a lot less tedious for me, but I’m always thrilled when I have new challenges that turn out pretty well.

In the kit you receive 3 bamboo “knooks”, 3 cords, and an instructional book with 4 patterns for about $10.  Not bad if you’re looking for a new hobby!!


About Renee K

I am a crafty, working, mom of three seeking to spread joy in all I make!

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