Serendipity Scarf Pattern

When we were planning our family photos last fall, I wanted to incorporate a scarf.  Mostly because my daughter and I had both chosen to wear a cream color top.  We needed some color!!  I went to the store and fell in LOVE with Yarn Bee Diva yarn….every color variation was beautiful so choosing was tough.  I finally decided on Kathmandu, and I think my favorite part is the sequins!


I brought it home with me and decided that I couldn’t waste it on a boring stitch.  I didn’t really see anything online that took my interest, so I sat down and created this little pattern myself.  I’m sure there is another variation of it somewhere out there, but I promise, I did not copy.  This was not inspired by anything I saw.  It was just in my head 🙂

Before we get started, I want to show you this yarn up close and personal.


This yarn is mostly acrylic, with a little bit of wool (12%), and lots of pretty sequins.  It comes in 3.5 ounce rolls and runs about $8 each.

In the photo above, my daughter is wearing the same scarf made with Caron Simply Soft.  This is a great substitute for what I used and comes in a larger roll for less money.

Another great substitute is Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.  It comes in 3.5 ounces and is about $5 a roll.  Both Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Boutique yarns are great for those with animal fiber allergies since they are 100% acrylic.


My scarf is 5 “shells” wide and 6 feet long.  I used about one and a half rolls.  My daughter’s scarf is 4 “shells” wide and not nearly as long, requiring less material.  If you want the narrower version like my daughter, you should be able to get by on just using one 3.5 ounce roll of yarn for this project.  If you want it wider like mine, then make sure you grab two rolls and be sure to check lot numbers!

Are you ready for the pattern yet?!


**Please do not copy and paste my pattern.  You may sell what you make, but please link back to this page on all listings.**

Use J hook

Ch 23 + 3 — This is for 5 “shells”.  (Ch 18 + 3 for 4 “shells”.)

Dc 2 times in 6th chain from hook, ch 1, dc 2 more times in same chain.  (You will have 2 dc, 1 chain, 2 dc all in the same space.  This is the first “shell”.)

Skip next 4 chs.

Dc 2 times in next chain, ch 1, dc 2 more times in next chain.

Repeat this pattern across your row of chains.  Your last “shell” should be in the last chain.  There should not be any chains left over.

Ch 3, turn, dc 2 times in chain 1 space of first “shell”, ch 1, dc 2 more times in same space.

Continues this pattern across.

This is a very simple pattern to execute and looks beautiful when it’s made with yarn that changes color.  I like my scarves long so I can wrap them in several ways.  You can make yours as long as you want!



securedownload (50)

Not a crocheter?  You can order this scarf from my shop HERE!


About Renee K

I am a crafty, working, mom of three seeking to spread joy in all I make!

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  1. What beautiful scarves! Thanks for sharing your pattern! Blessings..

  2. very pretty! thanks for the pattern! and just the thing i’m looking for, since i have just about 3.5 ounces of some yarn! =)

  3. I love your credo, “seeking to spread joy in all I make.”

  4. Just finished making this scarf today! What a wonderful pattern! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Stephanie Daugherty

    What am I doin wrong? I only get 4 on the first row! If I continue I get 5 on the rest!

  6. Stephanie Daugherty

    Yes! Ive tried several times and checked ebay

  7. I just made two of these – one using a much smaller hook and plain ol yarn and one using a sparkly black yarn with sequins in it (does my language give you any indication of my crocheting level of expertise – it’s slightly above “beginner”). The black one is GORGEOUS! I bought 2 skeins of black and 2 skeins of red (and I’m thinking about picking up some other colors, too). Can’t wait to make more! Thanks for sharing this pattern!

  8. Thank you! I used Red Heart Boutique in dragonfly. I am halfway through, and it is gorgeous! Easy too!

  9. i love it ,you can make it in every calour……

  10. I know how you when trying to find a scarf to crochet. I love this scarf and is interested in making it. I have read the pattern, but I can’t figure out the next rows such as row 2, row3 etc.. Pls help. Thanks

    • Hello! You will repeat this pattern every row:

      Ch 3, turn, *dc 2 times in ch 1 space of first “shell”, ch 1, dc 2 more times in same st*. Continue from * to * across to the end of the row.

  11. Hello! Just wanted to ask if this could be doubled or maybe tripled in width to make a shoulder wrap/shrug?

  12. This is a beautiful scarf. I want to make it so bad. But I can’t for the life of me figure out the1st row.

    When you say skip 4 that mean do a dc in the “5th” ch right? Then sc one and then you say “dc 2 more times in next ch.” – so that means I move to the next ch and do the 2 more dc right? When I do that I get four shells with just 3 ch left over.

    If it means to do all 4 dc in the same chain then I get 4 shells with 4 ch left over. For the last shell I could just do it in the fourth ch and that works. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

    Sorry, I’m very pattern challenged. I do much better with charts and videos!

    • Hello!

      There will be 4 unworked chain stitches between each cluster in the first row. So, after you make your first cluster in the 6th chain from the hook, you will skip 4 chains and begin working in the 5th. You will not be “sc”. You will be chaining 1 between the two double crochets in the clusters. (I wasn’t sure if that was a typo on your part or not.) Your “2 double crochets, chain 1, and two double crochets” are all worked in the same stich before moving onto the next cluster. I’m not sure why you’re getting extra chains left over? Be sure you’re starting with the correct amount of chains in your foundation and beginning your first cluster in the 6th chain from hook I have two widths listed.

      Hope that clears things up!! 🙂

      • It does! I don’t know why I was having such trouble. Brain cramp I suppose! But it makes perfect sense now. And yes the sc was my mistake I knew you said to chain 1.

        I made one today in the same color you used. It is gorgeous. I’m making a few more for last minute Christmas gifts! Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern!

  13. I am dying to know which colorway of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable you used to crochet YOUR scarf? I am making a special yarn order together with $ I got for Christmas, and I just love the colors in your Scarf! I’m afraid it might be one of two colors that I keep having trouble finding.. But at the moment, I can actually find those 2 hard to locate colors…Polo and Stained Glass… I want to make sure I get the colorway in your beautiful scarf! I have finally amassed a well rounded supply of Caron, and would love to make other scarves in your design with those pretty, very soft, yarns in the that “Simply Soft.” snuggliness like your daughter’s scaf! I have 4 kids, 3 grown, all with their own taste and preferences. It’s cold out there and I want to make scarves for them that are works of art, but cozy and functional as well. They refuse the shawls that I love to make. I’m hoping scarfs will be welcomed by this bunch! LOL! Your scarfs grabbed my eye and held on! But, beginners dream big! I love these yarns, and your design showcases their colors better than any I’ve seen so fa!. I am working on what I think is an elegant scarf using Echo, with one row each in sc of gold then black Caron Simply Soft and it makes the colors pop. I’m very new to scarves, and this other one is very challenging for me. It’s called the “Skylark Scarf”. And I doubt I’ll be finished before NEXT christmas even though its pretty straightforward! Its asymmetrical and has my brain challenged to understand how it works.. But the instructions are so easy.. (making sure I give proper kudos to the designer!) i also have several skeins if “Parrot” which I had earmarked for Red Hearts “Lorelei” shawl, offered free on their website,. But, it looks hard.. Very hard, for me. Maybe Ill practice on your pattern with it too! It’s my favorite colorway! I hope to hear from you about that color (getting back on point.. I wander alot. Sorry!), as I look forward to a chance of owning such beauty for my Christmas present.! Thanks so very much for sharing. 😊

  14. Hello! I found your pattern when I was looking for my next project, and I think it is quite lovely. I had some leftover Boutique yarn, and managed to get a 60″ scarf out of it!

    Thank you for sharing your pattern!

  15. I can’t wait to try this pattern! Did you only use 1 skein of yarn?

  16. Thank you for sharing this pattern, I am new to crochet and found this pattern very easy. I have made two scarves beautiful scarves and will make more.

  17. Currently making this in Lion Brand Landscapes – something for myself for once – LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!

    Thank you for a beautiful, fun, easy pattern!!

  18. Thank you so much for posting the instructions you were right , so simple I had to try! I am making one for myself! Keep up the great work…gn

  19. I love this pattern. It looks so pretty and its so easy. I am an intermediate crocheter but I like patterns that you can just work on and not have to think about it. Its more relaxing to me to work on something like that. Thank you for the lovely pattern

  20. using this pattern to make scarves for my local free wrap up project this winter!

  21. Just wanted to thank you for this pattern. It’s become my “go-to” pattern. I’ve made 9 scarves so far for my granddaughters for Christmas. Because of my limited finances, this makes the perfect gift. And I know my granddaughters will love them! It’s been fun to use Unforgettable yarn and watch the colors as the scarves grow! Thanks again!

  22. Cool pattern. I made this scarf for myself! Thanks!

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