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Soon and Very Soon

I have been SO busy with life lately, but I am headed back to my blog very soon!

I’ve decided to no longer focus on selling my finished items, but will instead work on new patterns that I hope everyone will love.  They will be posted here, and shared on my facebook fan page.

Do me a favor?!  If you are reading this right now, comment below with how you discovered my blog!  Thanks!!


2014 Changes to FTLOS

Most people make changes to their business at the beginning of the new year.  But I prefer to make mine as my busy season wraps up, which means the beginning of spring.

Last year brought many changes for my family, changes that are forcing me to make a few of my own to adapt.  With a new home, a job outside of the home, and all of the activities the kids participate in, it’s often been difficult for me to find the time (not to mention the motivation) to really GET creative, make beautiful things, and fill orders.

With these changes and lack of inspiration, I have decided to tone things down a bit with my sales.  The option to order online will soon be GONE.  My Facebook fan page will remain where it is and I will continue to use it to show off my new wares.  I’m not going to just disappear!  I hope you won’t disappear on me.

I will now focus on building stock for local craft events, learning new patterns and techniques (and writing my own to share with you), and really just getting back to LOVING making things (and giving things away!).

I have high hopes of revisiting internet sales at a later time.  Thank you SO much for the last three years of online sales and support!  It means the world to me!


With Love,

Renee 🙂

My love for color

I recently happened across a blog I had  never seen before and was so inspired by the blanket she made that I had to try it out for myself!  The photo below is my finished project.


I had made granny squares before, but the joining method was very new to me.  Like a lot of people, I loathe weaving in millions of ends when making an afghan.  That’s what made this method appealing.  It is a continuous join-as-you-go blanket.  Sure, I had 120 circles to weave loose ends into, but I had very few white ends when the blanket was finished.  I was so pleased!!!

Would you like to see the blanket that inspired me?!  Click below:

Bright Baby Blankets by Olga

The links to the continuous join-as-you-go method and circle pattern are on her blog.  Thanks, Olga!!

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