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Soon and Very Soon

I have been SO busy with life lately, but I am headed back to my blog very soon!

I’ve decided to no longer focus on selling my finished items, but will instead work on new patterns that I hope everyone will love.  They will be posted here, and shared on my facebook fan page.

Do me a favor?!  If you are reading this right now, comment below with how you discovered my blog!  Thanks!!


Serendipity Scarf Pattern

When we were planning our family photos last fall, I wanted to incorporate a scarf.  Mostly because my daughter and I had both chosen to wear a cream color top.  We needed some color!!  I went to the store and fell in LOVE with Yarn Bee Diva yarn….every color variation was beautiful so choosing was tough.  I finally decided on Kathmandu, and I think my favorite part is the sequins!


I brought it home with me and decided that I couldn’t waste it on a boring stitch.  I didn’t really see anything online that took my interest, so I sat down and created this little pattern myself.  I’m sure there is another variation of it somewhere out there, but I promise, I did not copy.  This was not inspired by anything I saw.  It was just in my head 🙂

Before we get started, I want to show you this yarn up close and personal.


This yarn is mostly acrylic, with a little bit of wool (12%), and lots of pretty sequins.  It comes in 3.5 ounce rolls and runs about $8 each.

In the photo above, my daughter is wearing the same scarf made with Caron Simply Soft.  This is a great substitute for what I used and comes in a larger roll for less money.

Another great substitute is Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.  It comes in 3.5 ounces and is about $5 a roll.  Both Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Boutique yarns are great for those with animal fiber allergies since they are 100% acrylic.


My scarf is 5 “shells” wide and 6 feet long.  I used about one and a half rolls.  My daughter’s scarf is 4 “shells” wide and not nearly as long, requiring less material.  If you want the narrower version like my daughter, you should be able to get by on just using one 3.5 ounce roll of yarn for this project.  If you want it wider like mine, then make sure you grab two rolls and be sure to check lot numbers!

Are you ready for the pattern yet?!


**Please do not copy and paste my pattern.  You may sell what you make, but please link back to this page on all listings.**

Use J hook

Ch 23 + 3 — This is for 5 “shells”.  (Ch 18 + 3 for 4 “shells”.)

Dc 2 times in 6th chain from hook, ch 1, dc 2 more times in same chain.  (You will have 2 dc, 1 chain, 2 dc all in the same space.  This is the first “shell”.)

Skip next 4 chs.

Dc 2 times in next chain, ch 1, dc 2 more times in next chain.

Repeat this pattern across your row of chains.  Your last “shell” should be in the last chain.  There should not be any chains left over.

Ch 3, turn, dc 2 times in chain 1 space of first “shell”, ch 1, dc 2 more times in same space.

Continues this pattern across.

This is a very simple pattern to execute and looks beautiful when it’s made with yarn that changes color.  I like my scarves long so I can wrap them in several ways.  You can make yours as long as you want!



securedownload (50)

Not a crocheter?  You can order this scarf from my shop HERE!

Renee’s Cuff: Hemp Bracelet

Not long ago, I was searching for a sweet crocheted bracelet pattern.  I came across this one on Ravelry and fell in love with it.  Just one problem, I couldn’t figure it out!  I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but I was getting more and more frustrated by the minute.

I gave up and decided to write my own pattern, inspired by the one above.  I actually like mine better and have gotten tons of compliments on it!


Renee’s Cuff: Hemp Bracelet Pattern

**Please do not copy and paste my pattern.  You may sell what you make, but please link back to this page on all listings.**

*Use I hook, and hemp.  I found mine in the jewelry section of the store.  There are several thicknesses to choose from.  I went with one of the thinner ones.*

Ch 30.

Dc cluster in 3rd ch from hook (y/o, insert into st, y/o, pull through two loops, y/o, insert into same st, y/o, pull through two loops, y/o, insert into same st, y/o, pull through two loops, y/o, pull through remaining loops). Ch 2, dc cluster in same st.

Skip 3 chs.

*Dc cluster, ch 2, dc cluster in next st.  (skip next 3 chs)* – 6 times

(There should be 3 chs left.)

In the last st: hdc 3 times, sl st, ch 6, sl st, hdc 3 times. (This creates the button hole.)

Working on the opposite side of the bracelet now, skip 2 chs.

*Dc cluster, ch 2, dc cluster in next st.* – 6 times

Work dc cluster, ch 2, dc cluster in last st and join to top of first dc cluster.  (This is where you will add your button.)

– If you need your bracelet smaller or larger, increase or decrease the size of your hook accordingly.  This pattern is written in US terms.


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